Pool Party Games For Adults That Are Guaranteed Fun!

Pool Party Games For Adults That Are Guaranteed Fun!

Who says only kids can have all the fun at a pool party? Whether it’s a summer bash or just a casual gathering of friends and family, there are plenty of pool party games for adults that will keep everyone entertained and having a good time. Get ready to dive into these creative and unique pool party activities for adults!

Adult Pool Party Ideas

Throwing a pool party for adults can be a great way to celebrate special events. It is a perfect birthday party idea for adults, to celebrate anniversaries or for any occasion.. It is also a fun way to spend time with friends and family during the summer months. From decorations to music and food, there are plenty of ways to make your pool party memorable. 

Adults Pool Party

Start by selecting an appropriate theme for your event, from luaus and barbecues, to rock n’ roll nights or tropical getaways. Choose drinks that will fit your theme, such as Margaritas for Mexican fiestas or mocktails for more laid back event. For snacks, consider lighter fare like chips and dip, veggie platters and grilled skewers. 

Music can create the perfect atmosphere at any gathering; choose tunes that match your guests’ ages and interests so everyone has something they enjoy listening to. When it comes to decorations, you don’t have to splurge on expensive items, simple touches like paper lanterns or colorful tablecloths can be just as effective.

Tropical Party DecorationsTropical Party DecorationsTropical Party DecorationsPaper LanternsPaper LanternsPaper LanternsPool Party DecorationsPool Party DecorationsPool Party Decorations


Pool Party Games for Adults

You might be wondering what are things to do at a pool party for adults? When it comes time for some fun in the sun, there are plenty of poolside party games for adults that will get everyone in the mood. Here are just a few ideas:

Pool Noodle Jousting

This classic game is sure to bring out your competitive side! All you need are two adult-sized pool noodles. Split up into two teams and designate someone from each team as the jouster. Each jouster sits on an inflatable toy at opposite ends with their noodle in hand, ready for battle. The goal is to knock your opponent off balance by pushing them with your noodle. Last one left on their inflatable toy wins.

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Water Balloon Toss

This poolside game requires some pre-planning but is worth it for the laughs you'll get when everyone gets wet! Fill up water balloons and split up into two even teams. Have each team stand in a straight line facing the other team, while placing an empty bucket between them. The first people in each line should then toss the balloon back and forth, while each person takes a step backward after catching the balloon until they reach the bucket behind them.

If a player drops it, their team has to start over again from the front of the line. This game continues until one team reaches their empty bucket with their water balloon still intact, and trust us, this game will get more difficult as you go along!

Diving Stick Race

For this game, you'll need some diving sticks from your local toy store but if you don't have any on hand, pool toys also work just fine! Everyone takes turns trying to drop as many items as they can off of an inflatable raft or diving board into a designated area of the pool below. Whoever collects the most items wins.

This is great for building coordination skills while adding some friendly competition to your next pool gathering.

Pool Diving SticksPool Diving SticksPool Diving SticksDiving Pool Toy SetDiving Pool Toy SetDiving Pool Toy Set


Tug of War

Tug of War is an exciting way to turn any pool party into a thrilling competition. This game is perfect for families or groups of friends, as it requires no special equipment. The objective is to compete against each other in a test of strength, no matter how big or small your group may be!

To start playing, all you'll need is a strong rope and several willing participants. Position the teams at opposite sides of the pool, making sure they're holding tight to the rope. With every pull and strain, enjoy watching your opponents struggle while cheered on by friends and family alike. In the end, only one team will take home bragging rights!

Water Tag

Tag in the pool is a fun game for adults who are looking to get active with friends and family. This unique game combines the classic game of tag with swimming, making it an ideal way to get some exercise and have laughs at the same time. Tag in the pool is easy enough for almost any age or skill level, so it's perfect for large gatherings.

To play tag in the pool, designate one person as "it" who must try and tag other players while everyone else attempts to evade them. The goal of the game is to avoid getting tagged by "it" while trying to stay afloat. Players can use walls and diving boards strategically when playing this exciting aquatic version of tag. It’s also a great way to cool off on hot summer days!

Pool Basketball

Are you looking for a fun game to play in the pool? Look no more, basketball in the pool is a great way to make a splash while having fun. It’s easy and can be played by all ages and skill levels. All you need are two goals and a ball. With just some basic rules, this game can provide hours of entertainment. 

Pool Basketball

The game is simple: divide your group into two teams and each team takes one side of the pool. Place one goal on each end of the pool and have each team try to make shots from their respective side of the court.

The team with the most points after a predetermined amount of time wins! Not only will playing basketball in your pool provide much-needed physical activity, but it also encourages teamwork as well as friendly competition between players.

Pool Volleyball

Pool volleyball is an exciting game that will add a competitive element to your next pool party. It combines traditional beach volleyball with an aquatic twist, making it a fun and engaging way to cool off on hot summer days. All you need is a net, ball, and two willing teams of players.

To start the game, divide your guests into two teams and position them on opposite sides of the pool. Place the net in front of one team, then both teams must take turns hitting the ball over the net to their opponents. The team who earns the most points by successfully returning the other team’s shots wins.

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Pool Obstacle Course

If you’re looking for a fun activity that encourages physical activity, try setting up an obstacle course in your pool. Create different obstacles such as floating rings, hula hoops, and diving sticks to challenge your guests and make it competitive. To play this game, divide the group into two teams and have each team take turns navigating the course. The team who completes the course in the least amount of time wins.

Creating a pool obstacle course is not only fun but also helps to promote teamwork and physical fitness. Have your guests take on the challenge and enjoy watching them work together as they race through the water. This activity is sure to be a hit at your next pool gathering.

Pool Poker

Turn your pool into a casino with a game of poker. This classic card game is perfect for any festive and leisurely pool party. All you need are a few decks of waterproof cards and some chips to get your guests in the gambling mindset.

To play, divide everyone into two or more teams and deal out an equal amount of cards to each team. The team with the best hand at the end of each round wins and collects the chips from their opponents. Have your guests show off their card skills and try to outwit one another in this thrilling game of pool poker! This is a great way to test everyone’s skill level while still having a great time.

Waterproof Playing CardsWaterproof Playing CardsWaterproof Playing CardsWaterproof Playing CardsWaterproof Playing CardsWaterproof Playing Cards


Cannonball Contest

Make a big splash at your next pool gathering with a cannonball contest! This classic game is perfect for any pool party or summer gathering. All you need are some willing participants, a designated area of the pool, and judges to pick the winner.

Pool Party

Have each participant take turns trying to make the biggest splash. The person who can create the largest and most impressive splash, as judged by the others, wins. Not only is this game fun to play but it also encourages creativity. With a few simple rules and some willing participants, you are sure to have an unforgettable cannonball contest at your next pool party!

Pick up Glow Sticks

If you’re looking for an exciting way to brighten up your pool party, consider adding glow sticks! Not only do these colorful accessories add a festive touch to any gathering, but they also provide hours of entertainment. Throw a selection of glowsticks into the pool and have your guests try to pick up as many as possible from the bottom of the pool. See who can collect the most in a set amount of time. This game is sure to be a hit.

Glow sticks can also be used to create night-time decorations around the pool. Collect a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes to make your party glow with fun and excitement. With these simple additions, you’ll instantly transform your backyard into a beautiful and memorable party venue.

Inflatable Bull Rodeo Game

Bring the excitement of a rodeo to your next pool party with an inflatable bull rodeo game! This thrilling game is perfect for those looking for some extreme fun. All you need is an inflatable bull and a pool filled with water.

Have your guests take turns trying to stay on the bull as it shakes, spins, and swirls around the pool. The one who can stay on the longest without falling off is declared the winner. This game is sure to be a hit with everyone, making your next pool gathering unforgettable!

Inflatable Bull Pool Float ToyInflatable Bull Pool Float ToyInflatable Bull Pool Float ToyGiant Inflatable Buckin' Bull FloatGiant Inflatable Buckin' Bull FloatGiant Inflatable Buckin' Bull Float


Hoop Toss

For a classic carnival-style game, try setting up a hoop toss in your pool. All you need are some inflatable hoops and a few water-friendly items. Have your guests divide into two teams and take turns tossing the items into the hoops. The team who can get the most into their hoop in one minute wins!

Hoop toss is a great way to promote teamwork and physical activity while still having fun. This game will surely add a bit of competition to your pool party, making it truly unforgettable. So, gather your friends and family around the pool and get ready for some exciting hoop tossing!

Pool Party Adults

Pool parties don't have to be boring or just filled with kids games, there are plenty of fun activities that adults can enjoy too! With these creative adult swimming pool games you're sure to have an entertaining time no matter what age group you’re entertaining at your next pool party. So grab those pool toys and get ready for some friendly competition – it's time for some fun in the sun!

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