Games To Play In The Rain

Games To Play In The Rain

When the rain is coming down and the weather is less than ideal, it can be difficult to come up with ideas to keep the kids entertained. However, there are plenty of fun games that can be played and with a little imagination, any rainy day can be turned into a fun-filled adventure.


Kids will squeal with delight when you let them play in the rain. Playing outside is so much fun when it is raining, but you need to be prepared. Here are some tips for playing in the rain.

Dress for the occasion: Make sure everyone is wearing rain gear that will keep them dry; rain boots, raincoat and umbrella are a must.

Here are some fun games for kids to play in the rain.

Kids playing in the rain

Jump the Puddle

Puddles that appear after heavy rain offer a natural game option. Choose a large puddle in a safe area. The players take turns trying to jump over the puddle without landing in the water. Choose different-sized puddles for more of a challenge. Your kids will likely enjoy this activity even if they don't successfully jump over the puddle. Landing in the puddles offers kids a chance to splash as much as they want.

Rain Games

Puddle Races

You can play this game around your house, in an empty parking lot, or anywhere with no traffic but lots of puddles. Map out a general course for the participants, with a starting point and finishing line. The people running need to complete the race as fast as they can, but the only way to get from the start to the finish is by jumping from puddle to puddle. The racers cannot touch the dry ground and may only stray from the puddles if there is no puddle within four feet. Then they must run to the nearest puddle and continue the race.

Float a Boat

When you play this game, use a toy boat, homemade paper boat, pine cone, or small ball that floats. Make sure there is no traffic on the street because your waterway is the rushing water flowing down the gutters. If you have only one boat, float it in the water on the side of the street and watch it either race down or slowly float its way to the drainage system. If you have two boats, turn this into a race. Place one boat on one side of the street and the other boat on the opposite side. Release them at the same time and see which one gets to the finish line first.

Kids Rain Games

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Slip and Slide

If it's a warm rainy day, you can play "slip and slide" in your backyard. Not only is this a great game because the rainfall eliminates your need for a hose, the chaos of the rain falling all around as you play is exciting. Lay out your plastic mat, secure it to the ground and take turns sliding on it belly-first.

Slip n Slide

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Touch Football

Football is one of those games that actually get more fun when it rains. What is most important is that you don't take the game as seriously as you would normally. Understand that players will slide around, and fall and the ball will slip out of their hands frequently. Everyone who plays will get extremely wet and dirty. Play touch football, no tackling for safety reasons. 

Dodge Ball

Rain adds a satisfying level of difficulty to a dodge ball game. It will be harder for people to maneuver and escape when being chased down. Instead of lining up across from each other in two teams, each person should be able to run to any area of the yard to escape being hit (every man for himself). Put the balls in the middle of the yard and at the sound of a whistle, everyone has to rush to the middle to try to get one first. Whoever gets hit has to stand around in the rain and watch or direct others on who they should target.

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Rain Olympics

A series of outdoor challenges make up your own "rain Olympics" competition. The activities you include in your Olympics depend on available materials and the age of your children. Some ideas include relay races, hula hooping, water balloon toss, and kicking a beach ball into a goal. Many games are more challenging when it is rainy because the equipment is slippery.

Rain Games
Keep Your Eye on the Ball

This game is designed to get you wet. Set markers out for first, second, third, and home base, just like a baseball diamond. Fill up a bunch of yellow water balloons until they are the size of a tennis ball. Put the water balloons and several tennis balls in a bucket. The pitcher chooses which to throw. If the batter hits a water balloon, they can run all the bases and score for their team.

If they hit a tennis ball they can run the bases until the ball is caught or the base is tagged. Every person who runs over home plate scores a point for their team. Three strikes with a tennis ball is an out, as are three refusals to hit water balloons. When the hitting team gets three outs, they play the field, and the other team hits. Play as many innings as you like, but determine this before the game begins.

Tennis BallsTennis BallsTennis BallsWater/Air BalloonsWater/Air BalloonsWater/Air Balloons


Stick Races

If you live near a hilly road, you may notice streams of water running down the street during heavy rain. The water streams create the basis of this rain game. Each child picks a small stick or twig to race. Small leaves or other light objects may also work. The contestants drop the sticks into the water stream at the same time near the top of the hill. The stick that goes the farthest or gets to the bottom of the hill first wins the stick race.

Worm Hunt

Worms often crawl out of the ground on rainy days. Watching the worms can be fascinating for kids of all ages. Instead of just observing the worms, turn it into a game by counting the worms you see. Work in teams to see who can find the most worms.

Playing in the rain

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The Clean Up

After playing in the rain you will probably be cold and muddy.  So why not make the clean up part of the fun? For the younger kids fill a warm bubble bath and let them splash around having fun while warming up. For the older kids, turn on some music and have a family dance party while everyone has gets dry and into warm clothes.  Then hand out hot chocolate and settle down, get cozy and watch a family movie.

 Kids watching movie

These are just a few ideas for games to play in the rain. With a little imagination, any rainy day can be turned into a fun-filled adventure. So don't let the weather ruin your day, get out there and have some fun!

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