Mother's day Ideas

Planning Mother's Day

With Mother's Day fast approaching, sons and daughters (both young and old) throughout the country are trying to come up with the perfect way to summarize just how they feel about their mothers.

Mother's Day- little girl with her Mom and Grandma

Planning a Mother's Day party would be a lovely treat for your Mom or Grandma, it doesn't have to be a huge event, a nice intimate get together would be just perfect too. Do everything with all the things she loves in mind. The rest will come easy. Celebrate Mother's Day with your mom and or Grandma, and remember it is really all about her so pamper her all day long. When you are planning a mother's day party perhaps, these tips can help.

Most are probably thinking about the perfect gift to give their mother on her special day. The perfect gift may not be physical at all, nor will it be bought. Instead, the perfect gift is actually a party or get together in honor of the years of selfless love your mother has provided.

You can write a special Mother's Day card for your Mom, Grandma and Mother in Law. Be sure to include some special and sweet quotes so they know how much they have impacted your lives.

Let us have a look at what makes a fabulous party/event and ways to make a fun and fabulous Mother's Day party that everyone will enjoy.

Mother's Day Breakfast

Plan the Day

First things first, the day of the celebration is easy, unless of course if you have a working mom. There is no steadfast rule that says you need to celebrate Mother's Day on Mother's day Sunday. Wait until it is her day off if she is a working mom, she will be able to enjoy the effort better if she is well-rested.

Think of Your Mother

Above all, you need to place your mother first in your list of party planning priorities. After all, the entire reason to throw this shindig is to honor your mother for her unconditional love for you

With that in mind, write out a list of her likes and dislikes. You will need to weigh her party style and aptitude against that of your own and the planned guests. Is she even a party person? Does she enjoy the later evenings or early bird specials? Is she a cocktail party kind of person, or more of a family gatherer?

These questions are important in your party planning.

Mother's Day ideas

Plan The Food

The food sometimes can be a real headache for some Mother's Day party planners. If your mom enjoys a Afternoon Tea Party with Jam and scones then have one. If she enjoys seafood, have a nice seafood brunch. If your mom prefers picnic food, why not host a picnic. If a BBQ is more her style then fire up the grill, and grill a steak, hamburger, or whatever it is, she loves to eat. If a home-cooked, dinner is more your mom's style why not a nice Italian meal or hearty pot-roast.

The choice should always be exactly what your mom wants. In our family, we usually have a huge picnic. It is a multigenerational family fun-filled day. Everyone pitches in and we chat and laugh and everyone helps out

My sister and I pick one of mom's favorite desserts and that is what we make for the celebration.

The Entertainment

The entertainment can be as simple as a radio for background noise or the birds twittering. Of course, the joyful noise of a family laughing and talking together is always preferable to any music. We usually get the guitars out and sing old songs.

Of course, it is always fun to play a game of trivia. Base the trivia on the moms in attendance, or even famous moms in history. Have the trivia questions prepared well in advance of Mother's Day?


Mother's Day Trivia Printable Game


The entertainment can be a talent show by family members. I am sure the children in the family would love to 'show off; for mom and grandma on their special day.

Make sure all children get some type of small present for their effort.

Playing printable games are a fabulous way to get everyone involved in the activities.

Mother's Day Printable Games Bundle

Choose The Venue Wisely

When planning a Mother's Day party, you'll need to remember that in order to show appreciation for your mother, you'll need to make sure you do it somewhere other than her home. The last thing any mother needs on her day is to worry about how her home looks, clean up after anyone, cook anything or have people over past their welcome.

A restaurant is a good choice, but anywhere other than her home will suffice. People are waiting on her for once, it's brief so that you don't monopolize her relaxation time and everyone can give their gifts sitting around the table. Just make sure you pay.

Mother's Day Gifts

Time Frame

Your mother needs to relax, she doesn't want to feel rushed. She may not think that she does, but she's been working non-stop for several years as the entire home support staff. When sending out invites to friends and well-wishers who may wish to attend, let them know it's going to be a fun loving evening.

You will be working around your Mother's time frame here. If she wants to order another round of drinks, let her. If she wants to keep dancing, let her. Since you'll be picking up the check as your gift to her, make sure you're able to stay and run logistics for the rest of the attendees.

Make It All About Her

Whatever you decide to do for Mother's Day, make sure it all centers around on your mother. Make sure you're putting her foremost in your mind. Throw a party that she would like and be prepared to deal with any loose ends or contingencies that may arise. Hopeful none do but maybe the whether forecast isn't great then maybe have a plan of attack.

In short, you don't need to spend a lot of money, you don't need to get her anything fancy. You just need to show her that you're thinking of her and that you care. Setting up a party that she'd like will go a long way towards showing her you finally understand that actions speak louder than words. Just enjoy the day with loved ones.

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