Printable Easter Games

Printable Easter Games

Easter is a time for fun and family, and what better way to celebrate than by playing some Easter games? We've put together a collection of printable Easter games that are sure to keep everyone entertained. From classic games like an Easter egg hunt and bingo to more unique options like scavenger hunts and Easter word searches, we have something for everyone.

So gather up the family, print out your favorite games, and get ready for some Easter fun!

Kids Easter Eggs

Printable Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

Kids love a good Easter egg hunt! Hunting for Easter eggs is such a fun game to play over Easter. You can set up a hunt indoors or outdoors in parks or your backyard and you can tailor your hunt to suit the age of the hunters.

This cute indoor Easter Egg hunt is perfect for younger kids. The rhyming clues will lead them all over the house searching for Easter Eggs. Watch in delight as your child finds their hidden treats. You can even get creative and make a few clues yourself, with the blank cards included.

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

If you are wanting to have your Easter Egg Hunt outdoors, then this Outdoor Kids Easter hunt will be perfect.

Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt

Printable Easter Egg Hunt for Tweens and Teens

You are never too old for an Easter Egg hunt. If your tweens and teens think they have outgrown hunting for eggs this Easter, try our printable Indoor and Outdoor Easter Treasure Hunts for older kids. They will have to crack codes and solve riddles in order to find their treats.

Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids
Or try this easy to set up, Easter Egg Hunt using QR codes. So much fun for all ages. Simple scan each QR code to reveal the next clue.
Easter Egg Hunt with qr codes

Printable Easter Word Games

Word games are fun for all ages – and our printable Easter word games are no exception. From word searches to scattergories, these games will challenge your brain and get you in the holiday spirit. So grab a pencil and start solving!

Word Search for Easter

Who doesn't love a good word search? Make this more challenging by seeing who can complete it in the fastest time.

Easter Word Search

Here are some more fun Easter Word Games

Easter Scattergories - using the letters provided, write words relating to each category

    Easter Word Scramble - try to be the first to unscramble the Easter related words

    Easter Finish the Phrase - write down the word or phrase you think best matches

    Easter A-Z Game - can you be the first to write an Easter related word for every letter of the alphabet?

      Printable Easter Games for Kids

      Looking for some more Easter fun? Check out these printable Kids Easter games. They're perfect for kids of all ages, and they're sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit. From coloring pages to mazes, there's something for everyone.

      Easter Bingo

      Have fun playing bingo this Easter with these cute bingo cards. With 32 bingo cards, there are enough for the whole family.

      Easter Bingo

      What is your Easter Bunny Name?

      Find out your Easter bunny name by taking the first letter of your name and the month you were born. Then write your name on the name card and get everyone to call you by that name all day.

      What is your Easter Bunny Name
      • Easter Riddles - have a laugh with this funny Easter Jokes
      • Easter Egg Roll - roll the dice and see who can be the first to cover their Easter Egg with the colored candy
      • Easter Egg Exchange - After your Easter Egg Hunt, play this fun egg exchange game. Roll the dice and follow the instructions.
      • Kids Easter Game Bundle - Can't choose just one game? Try this fun Kids Printable Games bundle
      • Easter Scavenger Hunt - Have fun with a traditional scavenger hunt. Try to the the first one to spot everything on the list
      • Easter Dice Game - roll the dice and follow the instructions. The first person to get 10 pieces of Easter candy is the winner.
      Easter Party

      Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends, and these printable games are the perfect way to keep everyone entertained. Whether you’re looking for an activity for the kids or something to keep adults occupied, we’ve got you covered. We hope you enjoy these games as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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