Guessing Games for Seniors

Guessing Games for Seniors

As we get older, it's super important to keep our brains active and happy. Guessing games are a fantastic way for seniors to have a good time while also giving their brains a little workout.

So, whether it's just you or group of friends, here are some fun guessing games that are perfect for older people.

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Fun Guessing Games for Elderly

Trivia Fun

Answering questions about stuff you like is fun! We're talking about history, music, and movies from the good old days. You can find trivia questions online, make your own questions or try our selection of senior trivia questions and answers. It's not only a great memory challenge but also a chance to chat and reminisce about the good old times.

Mystery Bag Magic

This one is hands-on! Grab a bag and put everyday things inside. Fill it with various textured items, such as a soft stuffed animal, a rough piece of sandpaper, or a smooth pebble.

Without peeking, reach in, feel around, and guess what's inside. It's like a guessing game you can touch! This game helps you stay sharp and have fun with your senses.


Charades is a game that is fun for the whole family. Everyone will enjoy acting out their 'secret word' or phrase while trying to get their team mates to guess correctly.

Charades Game

Sing-Along Challenge

Let's bring back the tunes! Pick classic songs from back in the day and read out a few lines. Can you finish the lyrics or guess the song? Music and memories go hand in hand, making this game a melody of fun!

Riddles and Jokes

Who doesn't love a good joke or pun? Riddles and jokes make you think and laugh at the same time. Here are some fun Senior Puns and Jokes. Read them aloud and try to get your friends to guess the answer.

Memory Lane Match-Up

Create a set of cards with pairs of related images, such as a picture of a vintage car and a gas station. Shuffle the cards and lay them face down. Players take turns flipping two cards at a time, trying to find matching pairs. 

Name That Sound

Play various sounds from everyday life or nature, such as a ringing phone, chirping birds, or rustling leaves. Participants close their eyes and listen to the sounds, guessing what each one is. 

Guess the Smell

Fill small containers with different scents, such as coffee, lavender, or cinnamon. Participants take turns smelling each container (without peeking!) and guessing the scent. 

Who am I?

This game involves writing some professions down on paper and then having players randomly choose one. Without looking at their paper, they must place it on their forehead. The object of the game is to try to guess what is written on your paper by asking other players questions.

Who Am I Game

Word Association Challenge

Start with a simple word, and have participants take turns saying the first word that comes to mind. The next person then has to associate their word with the previous one. It's a game that not only exercises memory but also encourages creative thinking and word recall.

Timeline Tidbits

Create a timeline of historical events, milestones, and personal memories relevant to the participants. Mix them up and have seniors put the events in chronological order. 

Guess the Famous Face

This is a fun and popular group game. Have you ever played the "Who Am I?" game? This like that, but with famous people from when you were young.

Players will have fun guessing famous celebrities based on photos. They will be given a series of hints to identify the celebrity's name and what they are famous for.

Materials Needed:

  1. Printed or digital photos of various celebrities.
  2. A way to display the images (a large screen or printed copies for everyone to see).

How to Play:

  1. Prepare the Celebrity Cards:

    • Collect clear and recognizable photos of well-known celebrities from various fields.
    • Prepare a set of hints for each celebrity, focusing on what they are famous for.
  2. Set Up the Game:

    • Gather the players and explain the rules.
    • If playing in a group, you can have players take turns guessing or allow everyone to participate simultaneously.
  3. Reveal the Photo and Hints:

    • Display the first celebrity photo along with a set of hints about who they are and what they are famous for.
    • Allow participants some time to study the photo and hints.
  4. Guessing Time:

    • Participants can take turns guessing the name of the celebrity. If someone is unsure, they can request additional hints.
    • To guess, participants can shout out their answer or write it down.
  5. Bonus Round:

    • Encourage participants to provide more information about the celebrity based on the hints. For example, if the photo is of Leonardo DiCaprio, participants could say, "Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor known for Titanic and The Revenant."
  6. Scorekeeping:

    • Keep track of the correct guesses. Award points for each correctly identified celebrity and bonus points for additional information provided.
  7. Rotate and Repeat:

    • Continue displaying photos and hints, allowing participants to guess and share information.
    • Rotate turns or let everyone participate to keep the game lively.
  8. Declare the Winner:

    • Tally the points at the end of the game and declare the participant with the most correct guesses as the winner.


  • Ensure the hints are enticing and provide clues without giving away the answer too easily.
  • Customize the difficulty level based on the group's knowledge and interests.

Examples for the Game

Here are a few examples of celebrities who would be perfect for this game, along with relevant hints. Remember to give one hint out at a time and allow players time to think about their answer.

  1. Doris Day:

    • Hint 1: "I was a beloved actress and singer known for my roles in classic films like 'Pillow Talk' and 'Calamity Jane.'"
    • Hint 2: "I was often associated with sunny, cheerful characters, and my career spanned over several decades."
  2. Bob Hope:

    • Hint 1: "I was a legendary comedian and actor famous for my performances in countless USO shows for the troops during World War II."
    • Hint 2: "I hosted the Academy Awards a record 19 times and received numerous accolades for my contributions to entertainment."
  3. Lucille Ball:

    • Hint 1: "I was a pioneering actress and comedian best known for my iconic role as Lucy Ricardo on a television show 
    • Hint 2 "I was on the hit show 'I Love Lucy'
  4. Cary Grant:

    • Hint 1: "I was a dashing leading man in Hollywood, known for my suave and sophisticated demeanor."
    • Hint 2: "I starred in classics like 'North by Northwest' and 'Bringing Up Baby.'"
  5. Betty White:

    • Hint 1: "I'm an Emmy-winning actress with a career spanning over eight decades."
    • Hint 2: "Known for my roles in 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' and  I hold the record for the longest television career of any female entertainer."
  6. Sean Connery:

    • Hint 1: "I was the original James Bond, starring in seven 007 films, including 'Goldfinger' and 'Dr. No.'"
    • Hint 2: "I received an Academy Award for my role in 'The Untouchables.'"
  7. Angela Lansbury:

    • Hint 1: "I'm a versatile actress with a career that spans stage, screen, and television."
    • Hint 2: "Best known for my role as Jessica Fletcher on 'Murder, She Wrote.
  8. Frank Sinatra:

    • Hint 1: "I was a legendary singer and actor, part of the 'Rat Pack' alongside Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr."
    • Hint 2: "My hits include classics like 'My Way' and 'Fly Me to the Moon.'"

Frank Sinatra

Playing guessing games are a fun way to help seniors keep their minds active, talk about the past, and enjoy moments with friends and family.

So give these games a try and see how much fun they bring to your next senior party!

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