Fun Rope Games For Kids

Fun Rope Games For Kids

Are you looking for some fun and creative rope games to entertain kids at a party? Then look no further! We’ve got some great rope party games that are easy to set up and guaranteed to be a hit with the kiddos. Read on for some of our favorite rope game ideas that will be sure to get the party started!

Why Rope Games are Fun for Kids

Rope games are a great way to keep kids entertained while still encouraging physical movement. While they're learning hand-eye coordination, balance, and how to work as part of a team, kids also get to have a blast in the process. These games fire up children's imaginations and sharpen their problem solving skills; with them, the sky is the limit!

Not only do rope games require little equipment and setup, making them easy for busy parents to facilitate, but they can provide hours of fun for all ages. The best part? Kids don't even realize that they're getting exercised while having so much fun!

Rope Game Ideas for Kids

There are lots of games you can play with a rope and a little imagination. Here are some of our favorites.


Tug-of-war is a classic game that never gets old. All you need is one long piece of rope, an even number of players, and two goals on either side of the playing area.

Divide your players in half and have them stand opposite each other, each team holding onto one end of the rope. When everyone is ready, yell “go” and let the tugging begin! The first team to pull their opponents across the center line wins.

Kids playing tug of war


Tug of War Rope Field Day Games for Kids and AdultsTug of War Rope Field Day Games for Kids and AdultsTug of War Rope Field Day Games for Kids and Adults1.18/1.5 Inch Twisted Hemp Rope1.18/1.5 Inch Twisted Hemp Rope1.18/1.5 Inch Twisted Hemp RopeTug of War Rope for Kids and AdultsTug of War Rope for Kids and AdultsTug of War Rope for Kids and Adults


Rope Freeze

Play music while kids all jump rope. When the music stops, the kids have to freeze in place with the rope still moving. If a kid trips or stops moving the rope, they're out.

Jump Rope Simon Says

One kid is "Simon" and gives commands, such as "Simon says jump five times on one foot," or "Simon says jump backwards." The other kids have to follow the simon says commands while jumping rope.

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course using ropes. The course can include crawling under ropes, jumping over ropes, and balancing on ropes. Time each child as they complete the course and see who can do it the fastest.

Jump Rope Limbo

Use a jump rope as a limbo stick and have kids take turns trying to limbo under it without touching the rope. Lower the rope after each round until only one kid is left.

Kids playing Rope Limbo

Jump Rope For KidsJump Rope For KidsJump Rope For KidsJumping Rope for KidsJumping Rope for KidsJumping Rope for KidsColorful Jump RopeColorful Jump RopeColorful Jump Rope



In this game, kids hold onto a long rope while moving around in a designated area. The aim is to get everyone tangled up in the rope. Once everyone is tangled up, the kids have to work together to untangle themselves without letting go of the rope.

Rope Maze

Create a maze using ropes. The maze can be simple with shapes such as circles or as complex as you like, and kids have to navigate through it without touching the ropes.

Jump the River

Create a “river” using a long rope and have kids take turns jumping over it. Increase the difficulty by making the “river” wider or by having the kids jump over it from further away.

Kids jumping over rope

Rope Skipping Relay

Divide the kids into teams and have them take turns skipping rope. The first team to complete a set number of skips wins.


One person will hold one end of the rope and twirl it around in a circle. The other kids have to jump over the rope as it spins, without touching it or being caught by it.

Rope Tag

For this fun game, first lay out some ropes on the ground. The kids are only allowed to stand, walk and run on the ropes. One person is 'it' and they must try to tag someone else but the catch is everyone is not allowed to touch the ground!

Rope Trail

Give each child a piece of rope, and have them lay it down on the floor in a straight line. Once everyone has laid their rope out, connect the ropes end-to-end to create a long trail. Have kids follow the rope trail without stepping off, or challenge them by adding obstacles and turns.

Blindfolded trail

Kids will love this game. Before they arrive at the party, you will need to set up a rope trail. The idea is that the kids will be blindfolded and must hold onto the rope feeling their way to the end of the trail. You can weave the rope around trees or through rooms in the house.

Jump Rope Party Games

Jump rope party games can be a great way to keep kids active and engaged during a party. Here are some rope party games that kids can play:

Jump Rope Race

Divide the kids into two teams and have them race against each other while jumping rope. The team that makes it across the finish line first wins.

Double Dutch Challenge

Have two kids swing two ropes in opposite directions while the rest of the kids take turns jumping in and out of the ropes. Increase the difficulty by having the kids jump in different patterns, such as criss-crossing or jumping backwards.

Jump Rope Dance-Off

Have kids take turns jumping rope while incorporating dance moves. Each kid gets a set amount of time to show off their dance moves while jumping rope.

Jump Rope Marathon

Challenge the kids to see who can jump rope for the longest amount of time. The kid who jumps the longest wins.

Kids Jumping Rope

Jump Rope Around the World

Each kid takes a turn jumping rope while saying the name of a country. The next kid has to jump rope and say the name of a country that starts with the last letter of the previous country named.

Jump Rope Alphabet

Have the kids all jumping rope and one at a time they have to say a word that starts with a letter of the alphabet. Before starting the game, decide on a category such as animals or food. If you decide on animals, then the first person must say an animal beginning with the letter A (while they are jumping rope). The next person says an animal beginning with the letter B and so on. If you can not think of a word in that category or you stop jumping then you are out of the round.

These are just a few creative rope games for kids that you can try out. With a little imagination, you can come up with many more fun and engaging games using ropes.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or just looking for something fun to do on a sunny afternoon, these awesome rope games are sure to provide hours of entertainment for kids (and grownups!) alike.

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