School Spirit Week Ideas

School Spirit Week Ideas

It’s that time of year again! With Spirit Week just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking how to maximize school spirit and pride.

To really get everyone excited, try some of these fun ideas: Have special themed dress days such as “dress like your favorite celebrity day” or “favorite sports team day”; hold a pep rally for an upcoming game; host an a capella competition between the classes; or plan an on-campus scavenger hunt.

These are sure to appeal to all the students and get them in the school spirit! Any one of these ideas will make Spirit Week a memorable event that everyone can feel proud about.

High School Spirit Week dress up


What is Spirit Week at School?

Spirit week at school is an exciting time of the year when students get to show their school pride through fun and creative dress-up days. It typically spans one week, with each day having a dress up theme such as Favorite Sports Team Day or Warped Tour Day. Schools often kick off the week with Pep Rally in the school gym, compèred by student DJs, dance performances and pep talks from teachers and administrators.

Throughout the week, there are various activities for students to compete in and earn points for their house or class. The end of Spirit Week usually features a spectacular Closing Ceremony to reward the winning house and class with prizes. School spirit grows amidst this fun competition in a positive environment that encourages friendly competition among peers, working together towards a common goal.

Overall, Spirit Week is a great way for students to come together and celebrate their school spirit. It’s an event that brings everyone closer as a community and leaves lasting memories that will help bind everyone together as lifelong friends!

So be sure to get involved in your School’s Spirit Week and show your school pride! Get creative with costumes, find ways to compete, have fun, and make amazing memories that you’ll never forget!

Get excited for Spirit Week at school! Here are a few great Ideas for Spirit week

Remember that Spirit Week is about having pride in your school and showing it off in whatever way you can. Whether it’s dressing up in creative costumes or participating in various competitions, don’t forget to let your school spirit

1. Crazy Hats Day: Top off your outfit with a crazy hat! If you don’t have one, get creative and make one out of paper or construction paper. The crazier, the better!

2. Superhero Day: Be your favorite superhero! Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, make up your own superhero. Either way, don’t forget the cape!

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3. Pajama Day: This is always a favorite Spirit Weekday because who doesn’t love wearing their pajamas to school? But don’t just wear any old pajamas, wear your favorite animal onesie, make sure they’re fun and festive!

Onesie pajama day for spirit week

4. Crazy Hair Day: Time to break out the hair dye and get creative with your hair! If you’ve never dyed your hair before, now’s the time to try it out. Just make sure you have a shampoo that will get the color out when you’re ready to go back to your natural hair color.

5. Wacky Sock Day: This is always a fun one! Dig through your drawer and find the craziest socks you can find. If you don’t have any wacky socks, get a pair of plain white socks and decorate them with permanent markers or fabric paint. Be creative!

Crazy Socks, Fun SocksCrazy Socks, Fun SocksCrazy Socks, Fun SocksFun Colorful Socks CombedFun Colorful Socks CombedFun Colorful Socks CombedNovelty Fun SocksNovelty Fun SocksNovelty Fun Socks


6. Favorite Sports Team Day: Show your school spirit by wearing your favorite sports team’s jersey or T-shirt. If you don’t have a favorite sports team, choose a team that’s special to you (like your city’s team).

7. Decades Day: Step back in time and dress up like it’s the 20s, 50s, 70s, 80s, or any other decade you want! Pick out some clothes from Goodwill or raid your mom or dad’s closet for some vintage finds.

80's spirit week theme

8. Celebrity Day: Dress up like your favorite celebrity! Don’t forget to wear the right accessories, hairstyle, and makeup to complete the look.

9. Warped Tour Day: This one is perfect for those who love music festivals - dress however you want and don’t be afraid to express yourself through fashion.

10. Disney Character Day: It’s time to take a trip down memory lane and dress up as your favorite Disney character. Channel your inner princess, prince, villain, or hero and let the magic come alive!

Disney Mickey Mouse CostumeDisney Mickey Mouse CostumeDisney Mickey Mouse CostumeSnow White CostumeSnow White CostumeSnow White Costume


11. Favorite Book Character Day: Dress up as your favorite book character. This is a great day to get creative with your costume. And don’t forget to carry around a copy of the book so people will know who you are!

12. Crazy Pattern Day: Mix and match all of your patterns! Wear stripes with plaid , polka dots with checks, whatever goes! Just have fun with it! After all, that’s what Spirit Week is all about!

13. Animals Day: Get in touch with your inner animal and dress up as a wild creature ! Make sure you have the right accessories and makeup to complete the look.

Animal Costumes for Spirit Week

14. Twins Day: Find a buddy and dress alike for this one! Whether it’s matching outfits or just coordinating colors, don’t forget to take pictures of your Twinning looks!

15. Class Color Day: Show your class spirit and wear the colors of your grade! You can go all out or just match a few pieces of clothing. Either way, show off your school pride for this one!

16. Multicultural Day: Celebrate diversity by dressing up in traditional outfits from different cultures around the world. Not only will it be fun to wear, but you’ll also learn something new about different cultures!

17. Wacky T-Shirt Day: Got a favorite silly or punny t-shirt? Now’s the time to wear it ! Show off your creative side and have fun with this one.

18. Costume Day: Get creative with this one and dress up as your favorite superhero, cartoon character, or even a food item! Just make sure you have the right accessories and makeup to complete the look .

19. Flashback Day: Take a trip down memory lane and dress up as if it’s the year 2000 (or any other year you’d like!) Dig through your closet and find some clothing items that will remind you of that time period.

Have Fun and Show Your School Spirit! So there you have it, fun ideas for dressing up during your school’s Spirit Week. Remember to have fun and show off your school spirit. Good luck and Happy Spirit Week!