Party Games for 10 Year Olds

Party Games for 10 Year Olds

If you're looking for birthday party ideas for a 10 year old, there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, you could consider having a pool party, complete with games, floats, and refreshments. Or, if your child is into sports, you could throw a themed party centered around their favorite sport. Other popular options include bowling alley parties, sleepover parties, and arts and crafts parties.

10th Birthday Balloons and Girls

Whatever you decide, just make sure to include plenty of games and activities to keep the guests entertained. With a little planning, your child's 10th birthday party is sure to be a smash hit!

If you're looking for some unique birthday party games for 10 year olds, you've come to the right place. Say goodbye to the same old party games that everyone always seems to play. These fun birthday party games will have your guests talking about your event for years to come.

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Make an Ice Cream Sundae

Who doesn't love ice cream? Kids will love this fun Roll an Ice-cream game. It is simple to play. Everyone starts with an empty bowl and players take turns rolling the dice and following the instructions. They will end up with a super delicious ice cream sundae to eat.

dice ice cream game

Tween Treasure Hunt

Send your preteens off on a fun Treasure Hunt. Solving each riddle will lead them to the next clue. This is a great way to create team work as they race around solving the clues.

Tween Treasure Hunt

Saran Wrap Ball Game

The Saran Wrap Ball game is a simple yet fun party game that is perfect for kids. It is a fun variation on the classic pass the parcel game. To play you wrap small prizes in layers of saran wrap to form a ball shape. This is passed around in a circle with players taking turns to unwrap a layer.

Pass the Parcel

Revamp an old favorite with this printable pass the parcel game. Read and follow the instructions on this sheet to see who will end up with the gift at the end. The game starts like this;

'The shortest person gets to start this game, Pass now to the one with the longest name'

Or try some of these new pass the parcel ideas to give the game a modern twist.

Pass the Parcel Game

Freeze Dance

Play some music and let the kids dance around. When the music stops, they have to freeze in place like statues. The last one to freeze is out! You can keep playing until there’s only one player left, or you can have everyone who’s still in play win a prize.

Obstacle Course

Set up a fun obstacle course in the backyard or living room, using things like hula hoops, cones, jump ropes, and other household items. Time each player as they go through the course, and the one with the fastest time wins a prize. Or each player must complete a task before moving onto the next stage in the obstacle course.

10 year old party game obstacle course

Party Pinata

Everyone loves a pinata at parties. Why not try some of these new pinata party games to bring some extra fun and excitement to the party.

Candy Toss

This is a messy but fun game! You’ll need a container (like a laundry basket or cardboard box) filled with candy, and players have to take turns standing a distance away and throwing candy one piece at a time into smaller containers. The player who collects the most candy in their own container wins.

There are so many fun party games involving candy that kids will love. Check out this post for some fun candy party games

Individually Wrapped Bulk LollipopIndividually Wrapped Bulk LollipopIndividually Wrapped Bulk LollipopCandy Variety Mix BagCandy Variety Mix BagCandy Variety Mix Bag


Balloon Pop Race

Divide players into teams and give each team a balloon; at the start signal, players have to race to pop their balloon and then return to their team. The first team to pop all their balloons and return to the finish line wins!

Summer Water Fun

If you are having a party in the Summertime, kids will love playing games with water balloons, water gunspool noodles or playing in the sprinkler.

Candy Hunt

This is a variation on the classic Easter egg hunt; instead of eggs, hide candy around the house or yard for kids to find. You can make it more challenging by giving each child a list of specific items to find, or by hiding the candy in difficult-to-reach places.

Basketball Party Games

Basketball is a popular and exciting sport that many kids enjoy playing. Planning a basketball party is a great way to get 10 year olds excited about the game and create lasting memories. To add to the fun, why not incorporate some basketball-inspired party games? A few ideas include dribbling relays, shooting contests, and a game of "H-O-R-S-E." These games not only promote physical activity, but also encourage teamwork and friendly competition among the party-goers. With the right games, a basketball party for 10 year olds is sure to be a slam dunk!

Balloon Stomp

This is a fun and active game that’s great for larger groups. You’ll need one balloon for each player, and players have to try to stomp on other players’ balloons while keeping their own balloon from being stomped on. The last player with an intact balloon wins!

120 Balloons Assorted Colors120 Balloons Assorted Colors120 Balloons Assorted Colors120 PCS Balloons Assorted Colors120 PCS Balloons Assorted Colors120 PCS Balloons Assorted Colors


Pop the Balloon

This is a simple but fun game that’s perfect for this age group. You’ll need one balloon for each player and tie it on a string around their ankle. Players now have to try to pop other players’ balloons by sitting on them. The last player with an intact balloon wins!

Animal Charades

This is a fun game that is popular with all ages. Split your guests into teams and each team will act out an animal while the rest of their team mates will try to guess the animal.

Balloon Toss

This is a fun and active game that’s perfect for larger groups. You’ll need one balloon for each team, and teams have to try to toss their balloon to other players on their team without dropping it. The team that keeps the balloon in the air the longest wins

Classic Party Games

You can't go wrong with some classic party games such as hide and seek, limbo, simon says, egg and spoon race and a sack race. Think back to your childhood and recreate some of your favorite games.

10 Year old birthday party

Whatever games you choose, make sure to tailor them to the interests and abilities of the birthday boy or girl and their guests. With a little planning and creativity, you can throw a birthday party that will be remembered for years to come.

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